Search Engine Marketing

We’ll show you how to get the most out of search engine marketing.

Search results are one of the first steps in a consumer’s decision process. Through a combination of SEO and SEM, you can turn clicks and swipes into paying customers! Our advanced search tactics help to keep shoppers on the search engine’s first page. To help brands get ahead of the competition, we stay on top of search engines’ updates.

Our Paid Search Process

There’s more to search engines than Google. Amazon now drives the vast majority of online sales. Zora Digital helps with setup, optimization, and analytics for pay-per-click Amazon ads, including sponsored posts on Seller Central and display ads on Vendor Central. We also work with Google and other pay-per-click engines where businesses can sell products. Whatever you need, we customize our strategies to them and make sure you’re using the right channels.

  • Keyword and Audience Analysis: We research and develop keywords and targeting strategies to reach the audience you want and at the right cost per click.
  • Ad Copy and Custom Ads: We create catchy and stylish ads that entice prospective buyers to click.
  • Technical Knowledge: We use the features and capabilities best suited for your industry.
  • Conversion Tracking: We set up advanced conversion tracking and use the data to unlock insights.
  • Dedicated Support: We stay on top of each project and communicate with our clients every day.
  • Campaign Optimization: We perform tests to compare ads and refine them over time.
  • Monthly Reports & Analysis: We analyze data and report key insights to check up on your progress.

Our Social Media Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ad Process

Social PPC can convert and sell just like search PPC. Plus, it can engage users in many places. A social engagement could be a sale or lead conversion, but it could also be a like, follow, re-tweet, check-in, or re-pin. Here’s what each channel uses:

  • Facebook: Facebook Ad Exchange (FBX) and “boosted” posts
  • Twitter: Promoted tweets and profiles
  • Instagram: Promoted Posts
  • Foursquare: Location Intelligence and Foursquare Ads
  • Pinterest: Promoted Pins and Buyable Pins
  • Other social media sites: We’ll create smart, effective ads for whatever channels you’re using.