Episode 2: Your Next Cocktail Can Make You Feel Good - Our Talk with Erica Helms

“You can feel better about drinking them – the Aronia berry liqueur – we press the Aronia berry fresh that day, on the production day, and so there is actual Aronia berry juice in this liqueur…”

In this episode, we speak with Erica Helms, a core member of the four-person team at Apologue. Apologue is a Chicago – based spirited liqueur that is made with all natural non-GMO ingredients and has a dose of antioxidants.

Apologue, created by Jordan Tepper, is adding fresh products to the mature alcoholic liqueur space and making it possible to feel good about the ingredients in your next cocktail. There are simple ingredients in each of the Apologue liqueurs, and many of the ingredients are from farms local to the Chicago area. Plus, there is less sugar in these liqueurs too.

Press play above to hear our talk.

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