Pay-Per-Click Strategy

Case Studies

Health and wellness consumer products are on the rise. Even though consumer packaged goods store sales are flat, online sales are skyrocketing. Plus, online engagement increase in-store sales. So, CPG companies need to make their online presence at least as powerful as their store presence.

Example: a CPG startup that manufactures all-natural, health-conscious baking mixes and crackers wanted a better pay-per-click strategy but didn’t know how to develop one. The company was on several search and shopping engines including Google and Amazon.

Most of their pay-per-click efforts focused on buying branded keyword terms, and they didn’t even know if these words were increasing traffic. Most of their pay-per-click efforts weren’t taking advantage of Google Adwords features. They didn’t know how to interpret Google Analytics data. They were missing opportunities.

Enter Zora Digital

Zora Digital reviewed the company’s strategy, identified what was working and what wasn’t, and designed a better online ad strategy for Google Adwords, Amazon Vendor Central, and Amazon Seller Central. Zora Digital also created a reporting and tracking template to measure each channel’s performance.

Google Analytics

We began by auditing the Google Analytics setup. We noticed there were old versions of Google Analytics installed, and the installations were producing the wrong numbers since it showed two page views for every visit to the site. Once this issue was fixed, we completely redid the setup.

Google AdWords

We helped the brand understand the role that search played in its sales and evaluated the performance of its existing campaigns. They were mostly bidding against Amazon and other shopping engines, not direct competitors. To save them money, we showed them that bidding on search traffic wasn’t generating incremental sales since no direct competitors were bidding against them. We also recommended a paid search strategy and set up new AdWords features.

Amazon Ads

We used Amazon Analytics to identify the keywords that got the most traffic on Amazon and designed a pay-per-click sponsored post and display ads. We also found keywords beyond the branded terms and identified better stock-keeping units.

Attribution Reporting Model

Zora Digital developed a model to calculate the return on investment for paid efforts. It’s nice to know when your investments are paying off.