Google Analytics & Reporting

Case Studies

Today’s shoppers love to discover, learn, and make informed purchasing decisions. They’re discerning, and seek relevant products from their favorite retailers and manufacturers. But e-commerce sites using old fashioned site-wide search, categorical navigation, and facets leave out the important context of who the shopper is buying for and how the product will be used or the benefit the shopper is seeking. OMNI Retail Group empowers shoppers to do all this and more with its Sidekick Contextual Selling Platform.

But, OMNI faced a challenge with their Google Analytics reporting protocol. Manually reporting on usage, engagement and conversion data was taking up too much time. The reporting process needed to be automated so that staff could be freed up to focus on client work. Reporting in a thorough, accurate and timely manner is crucial to OMNI’s business. Web Analytics are the foundation for strategies developed and executed for clients. Everything OMNI Retail Group does is backed by quality data.

Before initiating Zora Digital’s automated report, the process was labor-intensive. Data was exported from GA and imported into Excel or entered manually. Multiple calculations were needed to produce the metrics and KPIs needed to analyze performance.

Enter Zora Digital

OMNI selected Zora Digital to automate their analytics/reporting process. OMNI’s President, Joe Barrett, said “Zora Digital saved us tremendous time. They sped up the reporting process from 12 hours per week to under an hour.”

Zora Digital used the Google Analytics Add-on within Google Sheets. This feature allowed them to query the data from multiple views. Plus, they could manipulate, visualize, schedule and share reports automatically, and compute and display custom calculations. Upon querying the GA data, Zora Digital was able to set-up automation for summarizing data, creating pivot tables and grouping on different dimensions. By automating the process, the quality of reporting improved, and errors that typically arose from manual data entry were eliminated. Zora Digital made full use of scheduling features with the spreadsheet add-on. The report was auto-delivered to OMNI weekly to show a rolling 4-weeks worth of data.