We have Perteet Spencer, the Co-Founder of AYO Foods, on this Z-Talks episode. Perteet grew up eating African food, which led her to the idea of bringing the flavors of West Africa to stores and making them available to everyone.

Entering the food industry can be a daunting task, but Perteet Spencer and her husband had the experience and knowledge to make a success of it. Parteet’s expertise working at SPINS and General Mills showed her the growing demand for ethnic flavors. They also approached the launch of AYO foods with the idea to scale it in mind right from the start. This approach as well as the pandemic helped to accelerate AYO food’s growth.

After sending out samples in 2020, Whole Foods Market was the first retail partner. Today, AYO foods have expanded to 4,000 retail stores.

AYO Foods is on a mission to provide delicious and nutritious West African food and flavors to people in the US. And they are also using their business to help improve people’s lives in Africa – by providing employment and training opportunities.

Press play above ^^ or watch the video to listen to hear AYO food’s story. 

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