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Hi, we’re Zora Digital

Zora Digital is a digital marketing consulting firm based in Chicago. We help B2C health and wellness companies understand how to implement and use data and technology to personalize experiences, increase engagement, and capture more customers.

We’ve worked at and developed strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Today, we help modern lifestyle brands with a spirit of innovation navigate the digital landscape and create significant ROI at a great value.

A lot of science goes into what we do. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the thinking behind our name: Zora. Zora means “sunrise” or “dawn.” The dawning of a new age is an excellent way to describe the digital landscape. New advancements inspire us, and we love new challenges.

The word Zora also expresses our love for shedding light on new opportunities for clients. Our mission is to help you stay on the cutting edge and rise to new heights.

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Here’s Our 4-Pronged Approach

  • Data matters! We show you how and why it matters, and we use it to help you create an emotional connection with your customers. We help you find the right customers as they travel along their consumer journeys.

  • Strategy starts with research and having a clear understanding of the “playing field” and goals. To help you formulate a strategy, we’ll first ask you lots of questions about your brand, intended audience, and competition. Next, we’ll help you determine a project scope, and clearly define the outcomes you’re after. Finally, we’ll take a look at obstacles in your path and come up with ways to overcome each one.

  • We research, plan and execute campaigns in social media, SEM and content marketing, to name just a few. The result, a bulletproof integrated marketing communication plan. One that acquires new consumers and turns them into true champions of your brand.

  • This takes us back to the beginning: Analytics. We dig deep into new campaign data. We seek to validate hypotheses, or change approaches as needed. We’re always testing with the goal of constant improvement.


There are a dizzying amount of growth opportunities in today’s digital marketplace, and no two businesses are alike. Navigating all the options can be a real challenge. At Zora Digital, we thrive on challenge. We’re fortunate that all kinds of businesses rely on us to solve a range of issues.

For example, we boosted paid search leads for a skincare provider. We’ve ramped up a health and wellness platform’s e-commerce conversions through pay-per-click ads. And analytics. We’ve crunched data and created custom automated reports for businesses. And we’ve used the data to create exciting blog posts and social media content that increased visibility and connections with their audiences.

We love the variety. But looking back, all of our work with clients has one thing in common: results.

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Zora Digital is a Certified Partner. (It matters.)

Segment and Hubspot lists Zora Digital among its trusted partners. That means we’ve demonstrated excellence in managing campaigns and strategies, passing exams, and other criteria set by these partners. It’s no coincidence that businesses who know their way around these platforms tend to do really well. We’d be delighted to help you learn the ropes and get up and running.


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