Happy New Year, listeners! A new year means an all-new episode of Zora Talks. Joining us for episode 18 is Thad Smith, owner and founder of Westside Bee Boyz, a black-owned Chicago apiary that specializes in selling beekeeping supplies and honey products. Back when Thad worked as a beekeeper, he wanted to find a way to make it lucrative and thus came up with the idea to run his own apiary.

Now he runs Westside Bee Boyz with an assortment of products that fit every honey lovers’ criteria. Along with selling honey in a jar, Westside Bee Boyz also sells candles, soap, and lip balm. However, their crown jewel and bestseller is their honey sticks. During this episode, Thad breaks down why these single serve honey sticks are flying off the shelves, and how you can get some today!

Finally, it wouldn’t be Zora Talks if we didn’t talk about entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We talked about Thad’s true passion for entrepreneurship. He gives us some words of wisdom to encourage everyone–especially people of color to open their own businesses. Thad discussed the relaunch of his website and how he hones in on social media to connect with new customers. We also touched on his goals for the new year. Find out what you can expect this year from Westside Bee Boyz, including a new beverage reminiscent of wine in this new episode!

Press play above to listen to hear more about Westside Bee Boyz.

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