When lil’gourmets founder, Shibani Baluja struggled to get pregnant, she became cognizant of the food she was putting in her body. She reevaluated her diet, cut out all processed foods, and turned to healthy options in hopes of getting pregnant. Her journey to get pregnant turned out to be a success, and she later had a son. 

As a new mom, she wanted to give her son the best in all aspects of his life, especially when it came to his diet. She once again found herself reevaluating food. Baluja spent hours roaming the baby food aisle and studying the ingredients and sugar in each one to find that the food options she had to give to her infant were high in sugar and lacked flavor. She started to cook foods loaded with vegetables and flavors and noticed that her son loved them. 

That’s when the idea for lil’gourmets was formed. Baluja learned that baby food doesn’t have to be bland or full of sugar. Infants can handle flavor and spice in their foods. Lil’gourmets is on a mission to cultivate food curiosity in children by introducing different flavors early on because it will help them be open to trying more flavors as they grow older. 

During this episode, we discussed how Shibani and her team have crafted award-winning, global flavors and food blends. We also have a discussion about the current state of the organic baby food market and its expected growth. And finally, Shibani dropped exclusive details about lil’gourmets new partnership with KitchFix.

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