Jimmy Prude

In episode six, we speak with entrepreneur Jimmy Prude. Jimmy is the founder of Jimmy’s Vegan, the brand responsible for Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies. With a background in tech, Jimmy eventually went on to become a community organizer in the Auburn Gresham community. In need of a great-tasting vegan snack, he began creating his own cookies, which quickly grew in popularity among residents in his community.

Jimmy’s Vegan Cookies promises the consumer “a guilt-free indulgence,” providing a snack that doesn’t “taste vegan” despite its natural, organic ingredients. Listen as we discuss Jimmy’s introduction to the vegan lifestyle, what being vegan means, and the importance of inclusivity in the way we consume foods.

Episode 6 marks Season 1 of Zora Talks. We’re taking a break this September and we’ll be back for Season 2 on October 15th. Stay tuned!

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