In this episode, we speak with Maya Camille Brossard. She is the founder of Justice of the Pies, founded in 2014. Her inspiration was her late father’s. He was a Criminal Defense Attorney. And he loved pies. She calls him the “pie master.” Justice of the Pies is an L3C social enterprise. It positively impacts and provides access to food nutrition education and kitchen skills to youth in lower-income communities in Chicago. Specifically, It does this through it’s I Knead Love workshops and other activities.

The I Knead Loves workshop provides hands-on cooking lessons to students in grades 5 through 8. And helps fight food insecurities in low-income communities. Thus, Chef Maya-Camille has received recognition from several publications. Justice of the Pie has received coverage in Food and Wine magazine, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and even the Today Show in 2020.

She also discusses some of the challenges of being an African American entrepreneur. And she talks about how she’s successfully grown her business since its founding. Maya has had success garnering organic press. Additionally, she is leveraging opportunities to connect with her consumers through virtual pie classes for corporations and food lovers, allowing her to spread her love for cooking.

On top of all of this good work, we can’t forget about the pies. Chef Maya-Camille’s pies are unique, innovative, and tasty – and the customer service is top-notch. She offers some favors like Key Lime pie, Pumpkin, and Sweet Potato. Her travels, foods, and pop culture have spurred her creativity to concoct other pie, quiche, and tart flavors, including Spinach + Feta and Salted Caramel Peach. 

If you’re interested in partnering or ordering from Justice of the Pies, be sure to reach out to them on their website at


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