1st Quarter Social Media Roundup 2017


Ever since the world became obsessed with social media, users have always been on their toes to find out which new upgrades and updates are trending. Why not? New apps mean easier access, more fun and better communication.

Although we are still early in the year, with Zora Digital nothing passes unnoticed and that is why we have an amazing recap outlined for you. Whether you want to advertise your products, chat with friends or just have an enjoyable time you must read on to catch up!


What do these guys have for you?

·     They’re testing deep linking plus web autofill – with the autofill upgrade you can easily fill lead-generation forms on an ad with just a single tap. Deep linking on the other hand has made visiting other links much easier. In fact, you do not have to exit snapchat to do that.

·     Offline ads targeting sales data. – Marketers can now enjoy this improvement because Snapchat has collaborated with Oracle Data Cloud to provide business enthusiasts with more information about what people are buying offline. Now advertisers can target ads to audiences based on their offline line buying behavior. Need I say more?


YouTube is king with video but maybe they are poised for even more growth with their not yet launched TV subscription. The brand aims to provide its users with more than 40 awesome channels for $35 a month. All the popular networks will be available and in addition, it has a cloud DVR which will not let you miss your favorite shows because you can record and store them. Is this goodbye to cable TV?


This quarter’s improvements are good news to all; regular users as well as marketers. They include:

·     Ads on Instagram stories. Instagram stories provides a global platform and with the new ad inclusions, marketers will reach a wider consumer base on social media.

·     Video posts and multiple images. For Android and iOS users, you can enjoy creating slideshows with several images/videos more easily with a “Select Multiple” button allowing the selection of up to 10 photos and videos.


Facebook has quite a few upgrades, some of them are:

·     Facebook 360. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a bird’s view of news content, photos, or videos? Believing it would, FB has launched it’s first dedicated VR app that possesses Samsung gear which will give you an experience like no other with its 360 view. This new app will make it easier to find all the 360 content posted to the platform.

·     Thumbs-up/thumbs-down emoji’s have been added to the emoticon options

·     Sound auto play videos. Sound-on features for video ads and content videos are here to grab more attention.


Safer Tweeting by Twitter started since last November and the improvements that have been made this year include:

·     Preventing suspended abusers from creating new accounts

·     Tweets with sensitive contents are removed

·     Only good and quality tweets are to be displayed

To power users and businesses, Twitter is planning to provide paid membership to widen their consumer base and in the long run, revenue.

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