Digital Marketing and Social Media News from 3rd Quarter of 2019


Here at Zora Digital, we know how important it is to use social media and digital advertising in order to run a successful business. Each online platform consistently finds new ways for brands to interact with their customers. So just as we did with Q1 and Q2, here’s our insight into how your brand can utilize third quarter online media updates. 

Boost your online engagement with Instagram’s new feature that allows users to chat within Stories. Instagram users can also discover new products in the Explore page. Pinterest is letting its users react to pins with emojis and they’ve adjusted their collection ads in order for brands to showcase more products. As we know, customers decide if they’re interested in a product within seconds, so Twitter has launched a new way for advertisers to grab the audience’s attention quickly. And Facebook Messenger now allows you to provide better customer service with automated messages to prospective customers.


In July, the app launched a new sticker that allows followers to click and start conversations within Stories. Users watching these stories can tap the chat icon to join a direct messaging conversation. That same month, Instagram added ads to the Explore page so consumers can see more product as they scroll through their feeds. Facebook Creator Studio launched a new tool that would allow users and influencers to schedule Instagram grid posts and IGTV videos through the platform. Previously, users relied on third-party tools, but now they can use the feature through Facebook Creator Studio to schedule and manage their content.


Speaking of Facebook, the company has implemented their new lead generation tool in FB Messenger where businesses can generate automated messages to new and prospective customers about their experience with the brand and what they’re shopping for. This new feature, released in late August, can be accessed by businesses through Facebook Ads Manager, allowing for businesses like yours to connect with new customers.


The Shop the Look ads from Pinterest make it easy for brands to display up to 25 products that will interest new customers and make a quick sale. Photo courtesy of

September was a busy month for the online pin board and photo sharing site. Following the trend started by Facebook, Pinterest added new emoji reaction tools in September where users can like, love, clap to show their enthusiasm. They can choose the lightbulb emoji to express inspiration or choose the question mark emoji to indicate that they’d like to discuss the pin further. On the e-commerce side, Pinterest also announced they’ve reformatted their Shop the Look collection ads.  Brands will now be able to tag up to 25 products in a single pin image, making it easier for customers to find the products they’d like to purchase.


Twitter showed resurgence by reporting a Q2 profit of $37 million and total ad engagements were up by 20%.  We might see these numbers go even higher in Q3 with their new six-second videos called, ‘Long Story Short.’ This new feature is available to advertisers globally for companies to grab attention within seconds. Also in July, the Twitter website was rebuilt to appear more spacious and clean, making it easier to read.

Google Ads

New from Google, you will now be able to reach new iPhone users through Google’s ad platform. Google announced that it expanded the inventory to reach more iPhone users on mobile. The company also announced the ability to drive more offline (not just online) sales with paid search and shopping ads. For example, if a customer clicks an ad online for the latest model of a new computer, and then decides to go into the store and buy it, Google can track that offline sale now. Advertisers can use Google’s machine learning to optimize ads to drive more offline visits.

More in Digital Marketing News

One of the best social media engagements we saw in the quarter was from Nike. The athletic brand’s July campaign celebrating the US Women’s Soccer team had over 22 million views and over 279,000 likes. During this time, they had over 51 percent of the shared voice on social media regarding the Women’s World Cup.

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