Win While Holiday Shopping: Google's Livestream Recap


Have your started developing e-commerce advertising and sales strategies for the holidays yet?  We learned during the last Google Partners Livestream Event that consumers are making shopping decision earlier and leaning into mobile more than ever.  

In fact, 55% of shoppers begin their research in October or earlier for holiday shopping.  When shoppers consider a new purchase, they spend 13 days on average shopping for the item, but once they decide to buy, almost half expect to purchase it either the same or the next day.  

In order to prep for the online holiday shopping season you need to Be There, Be Valuable and Be Quick.  

Be There

Be discoverable online and in-store at moments when consumers browse, research and purchase. According to Google Partners, shoppers are starting their holiday searches earlier and extending it later. So, retailers need to plan ahead. Make sure all of your products are available online through Google Shopping and/or Google Express with the right budgets so you’re not missing opportunities to show-up when customers are researching and ready to buy.  

Make sure you're using the right product titles and provide relevant attributes that match what customers are searching for.  And use audiences and remarketing lists correctly when targeting campaigns.  

Be Valuable

50% of holiday shoppers say they are open to purchasing from a new retailer.  In order to be within the consumers’ consideration sets build relationships with consumers early and throughout all moments of intent. Establish a plan to connect with your consumers and get them regularly engaged with your brand.

Also, make sure you're not creating and sending the same content to everyone.  Instead you should be creating differentiated, personalized content based on the consumer’s value and preferences. Entice customers to choose you over your competitors with the right promotions and shipping options.  

Be Quick

Shoppers are researching and buying online more than ever, make sure you have the right mobile experience for these shoppers and that it’s FAST.  More than half of all visitors will abandon your mobile website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Remove friction from mobile shopping for a seamless experience by using Google's tools (Test My Site, and Speed Impact Calculator) to test your mobile experience and improve it.  This way you’ll make it easier for consumer to shop and won’t lose customers.

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